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Waste Removal

Waste Removal at Hislop & Co

In line with our Environmental Policy we strive to reduce the environmental impact of our operational processes through responsible waste management, resource consumption and noise reduction.

Where commercial sites have composting and storage areas, green waste can be stored locally and recycled for use back on the land by mulching and composting. On-site storage is managed to ensure that they work effectively and do not become an eye-sore or dumping ground.

We work hard to ensure that all waste from our tree surgery is managed in line with our Environmental Policy. Small branches are chipped on site and the bulk of the wood from larger branches and trunks are logged on site. Many of our commercial sites store logs and chippings for use on site. The chippings are stored and matured for use as wood chip mulch. The logs are seasoned and used in open fires or log burners.

Where tree waste has to be removed from site we endeavour to recycle all usable waste. The wood chippings are used for animal bedding by our local farming community and the logs are seasoned and sold for use on open fires or log burners.

Waste Removal