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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Date: January 2019

In order to meet our responsibility to our customers, shareholders, employees and the natural environment, Hislop & Co Horticulture Ltd recognises its obligations to comply with the law and carry out its business in an environmentally sound manner.

We are committed to promoting and maintaining an environmental policy and to structure our activities to continually improve our environmental performance and reduce our impact on the environment.

Our Environmental Policy is that we will:

  • Ensure compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements, guidelines, industry standards and Codes of Practice.
  • Strive to reduce the environmental impact of our operational processes through responsible waste management, resource consumption and noise reduction.
  • Establish processes to prevent pollution and conserve energy wherever possible.
  • Endeavour to incorporate environmental factors into business decisions.
  • Encourage our suppliers and contractors to improve their environmental performance.
  • Involve staff in the implementation of this policy, for greater commitment and environmental awareness.
  • Establish training needs and provide staff with any relevant environmental training.
  • Ensure the working culture encourages constructive conservation and that staff identify and safeguard wildlife.
  • Review and update this policy on an annual basis in consultation with staff and other stakeholders.
  • Ensure this Policy is made publicly available.

James Hislop
Managing Director