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Shrub & Border Maintenance, Garden Tidy-up & Clearance

Shrub & Border Maintenance at Hislop & Co

If shrubs are not maintained regularly they can grow out of control very quickly. Not only will they become unsightly but they will grow to a size and shape that may not be appropriate for the location. In the long term there maybe no alternative other than removing and replacing the plant. Pruning shrubs at the right time of the season and in the correct manner, will ensure that they are healthy and ready for the growing season. They will shoot vigorously and if a flowering variety will regularly produce a fine display to grace your grounds.

Commercial Front of Priory Planting

Garden Tidy-up & Clearance

Many of our regular residential clients ask us to tidy-up their garden at the start of the Spring Season. We can do the hard work and dispose of the waste leaving you to enjoy planting and reinvigorating the garden. We also get many requests for a one-off garden tidy-up or a garden clearance especially where clients have moved into a property and the garden has been neglected.

When we take on new commercial contracts we offer an initial blitz to bring the grounds up to our standard where they can be maintained. This can range from a day’s work to a couple of weeks depending on the work required to bring the grounds up to an appropriate standard which reflects the quality and image of a client’s business and surroundings.

Garden Tidy up