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Lawn Mowing, Lawn Care & Leaf Clearance

Lawn Mowing at Hislop & Co

We cut lawns of all shapes and sizes from postage stamp residential gardens to acres of parkland. Parkland and paddock can be managed so that it maintains its natural look, while large lawns can be cut more closely to leave a pristine striped finish, with all arisings collected or dropped and left. We will ensure that not only does the lawn look exceptional but that all the edges are trimmed and footpaths, borders and beds look neat and tidy, with any dropped grass collected.

At Hislop & Co we have the appropriate equipment to manage small to large lawns, paddocks, parkland or sports pitches.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Care at Hislop & Co

Mowing isn’t the only care that grass requires. Left to its own devices, a lawn will slowly deteriorate with weed growth and removal of nutrients from the ground. A regular application of weed and feed will ensure that the grass is healthy and that any weed growth is minimised.

Some lawns need to be aerated to ensure that they don’t become water-logged and can breathe and dry out properly. Others require regular moss treatment and scarifying to remove excess moss and thatch which has built up over time and allow the grass room for healthy growth. After treatment the grass strengthens and thickens up creating a rich green colour. Patchy areas of lawn may need to be over seeded to restore the grass to bald areas. In the worst case some areas may need to be replaced completely with new turf.

Residential Turfing

Here at Hislop & Co, we can cater for the needs of any size or condition of lawn.


Leaf Clearance at Hislop & Co

Many large lawns and parkland suffer from severe leaf fall in the Autumn. This can be particularly bad during the months of November and December when combined with wet weather, leaves can leave grounds and gardens looking uncared for and unusable. This is especially true of sports fields which are under constant use.

A regular collection of leaves through a combination of leaf blowing, vacuuming, and collection by tractor, will ensure that your grounds look at their best and remain usable throughout the Autumn. It will also prevent the grass from being covered by leaves, and therefore not getting any light which in turn will also cause the grass to die off in areas.

Collected leaves can be composted on site or can be removed for environmentally friendly recycling.